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Companies reporting earnings this week: Dec 17 – 21

A slew of major companies are reporting earnings this week. Open-source software company Red Hat (RHT) will announce third-quarter earnings on Monday after the bell. Analysts expect earnings of $0.87 per share on revenue of $852.82 million. The company is expected to be benefited by the shift to hybrid cloud architecture and the adoption of cloud-enabling technologies.

Enterprise software company Oracle (ORCL) will report second-quarter results on Monday. Analysts expect earnings to climb 11.40% to $0.78 per share while predicting revenue to fall by 1.10% to $9.52 billion. The top line is likely to be impacted by a decline in cloud services due to more stringent competition. However, the bottom line could be benefited by a decrease in costs and expenses as well as a lower tax provision.

Darden Restaurants Inc. (DRI) is set to post Q2 results on Tuesday before the bell. Analysts expect earnings to jump 24.70% to $0.91 per share as growth from the addition of new restaurants could drive the top line higher. Revenue is anticipated to rise by 5.20% to $1.98 billion with the aid of new guest experiences and additions.

Micron Technology (MU) will post Q1 results on Tuesday after the bell. Analysts project the company to report earnings of $2.94 per share on revenue of $8.02 billion. The semiconductor giant will be benefited by the strong demand growth across all markets, mainly for its DRAM and NAND chips. The company is likely to continue its competitive advantage over rivals with the aid of strategic pricing of the flagship products and the resultant margin growth.

FedEx (FDX) will announce Q2 earnings on Tuesday. Earnings are expected to jump by 24.50% to $3.96 per share and revenue is likely to increase by 8.90% to $17.76 billion. The shipping giant will be benefited by the higher volumes, increased yields and a favorable net impact of fuel at all transportation segments. The tax reform enactment will also aid in the company’s performance.

Consumer food company General Mills (GIS) is set to post second-quarter results on Wednesday before the bell. Analysts project earnings to fall 1.20% to $0.81 per share as gross margin will be impacted by cost inflation and charges related to the acquisition of Blue Buffalo. Revenue is predicted to rise by 7.60% to $4.52 billion helped by growth in Convenience Stores and Foodservice.

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Payroll services company Paychex (PAYX) will report Q2 earnings on Wednesday. Analysts see a profit of $0.63 per share on revenue of $858.25 million. The results will be benefited by solid growth in human capital management products. An increase in customer base is likely to drive Management Solutions revenue higher. The company’s administrative services, retirement services, and time and attendance solutions are likely to perform well.

The once-thriving smartphone maker BlackBerry (BB) could post Q3 results on Thursday before the bell. Earnings are anticipated to be $0.02 per share and revenue is likely to be $214.45 million. The results will be hurt by the company’s transition to software services. The growth in the BlackBerry Technology Solutions and Enterprise Software and Services businesses could be driving the company’s top line.

Carnival Corporation (CCL/CUK) will report Q4 earnings on Thursday. Analysts see a profit of $0.70 per share on revenue of $4.45 billion. The cruise operator’s results will be benefited by the streamlined operations that could offset fuel and currency headwinds. The company will be providing guidance for the fiscal year 2019.

As Accenture (ACN) announces Q1 results on Thursday, analysts expect earnings of $1.86 per share on revenue of $10.53 billion. The top line will be benefited by the sustained demand for digital and cloud products. The company will continue to gain market share helped by the durable business model and disciplined management.

Conagra Brands Inc. (CAG) will post second-quarter results on Thursday. Earnings are predicted by the analysts to be $0.56 per share on a revenue outlook of $2.43 billion. The branded foods company’s results will be benefited from the acquisitions of Angie’s Boomchickapop and Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin. The growth could have an impact due to the sale of the Missouri production facility and the Canadian Del Monte business.

Sneaker maker Nike (NKE) will release Q2 earnings on Thursday after the bell. Analysts expect earnings to be in-line with last year at $0.46 per share as the intense scrutiny over its controversial advertisement featuring Colin Kaepernick could offset the strong revenue growth. Revenue is predicted to rise by 7.20% to $9.17 billion as the North America recovery paved way for strong performance.

As CarMax Inc. (KMX) posts Q3 results on Friday before the bell, analysts expect a profit of $1.01 per share on revenue of $4.33 billion. The used-car retailer will be benefited by an increase in the comparable stores used unit sales, higher appraisal traffic, and Wholesale buy rate as well as a growth in the Wholesale store base. Meanwhile, expenses are likely to rise due to store base growth and investments in its technology platforms and core strategic initiatives.


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