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Huawei excluded from BT’s 5G plans

British telecom company BT Group has dropped Huawei Technologies from the development of its core 5G network that it plans to roll out nationwide. Although BT will not use core technology from Huawei for its 5G rollout, it said the Chinese firm will be involved in minor areas of its 5G infrastructure development.

BT is also planning to remove Huawei’s equipment from its 3G and 4G networks. BT attributed the decision to a routine business process and did not cite security concerns as a reason for the move. The London-based company said Huawei would remain a valuable partner. Huawei, in turn, expressed understanding and support for BT’s decision.

However, earlier this week, the head of British intelligence services said the involvement of Chinese firms in the development of 5G networks was a topic the UK needed to discuss. 5G is a revolutionary technology that will take mobile communications and Internet of Things to a whole new level.

US asks allies to ditch Huawei over security concerns

Other countries like the US and Australia have banned Huawei from their 5G development due to security concerns. The US has excluded ZTE Corp. too from its 5G plans for similar reasons. Recently reports had emerged that the US was asking its allies to refrain from using communications equipment made by Huawei due to the risk of links with the Chinese government. Both Chinese companies have continued to refute these allegations.


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