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Amazon Inc: The Sheldon Cooper of e-commerce

Most of you would be acquainted with Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. (If not, feel free to look him up. I’m warning you, the show is addictive!)

Now, Cooper is a tall genius that towers over his peers. But lately when I sit to binge the episodes of TBBT I missed over a very hectic market week, I can’t stop but draw parellels to the show. And I believe I’ve found Amazon Inc in Sheldon Cooper.


Jim Parsons plays the character of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory (Courtesy: CBS)



Now, before you get ready to lynch my view, hear me out! Like I mentioned a little while ago, both tower over the others (both physically and in ego!).

Both Sheldon and Bezos’ e-commerce giant believe they are the best, and if not, they never stop striving to be the best. How else can you explain the constant efforts at innovation and self-improvement?

Amazon has got its fingers in a lot of pies. So does Sheldon. Along with his prowess in science, law and many other topics, he possesses a strong musical talent. Amazon Alexa, play some music!

Amazon is not just the leader in retail but also enjoys a strong position in the tech sector, now moving into food and grocery with rumors that pharma might be next. Amazon with its wide range of businesses and products — very much like Sheldon with his wide knowledge of facts and trivia.

When you say, “Is there anything you can’t get on Amazon?” you may also say, “Is there anything Sheldon Cooper doesn’t know?”

It doesn’t stop there. Amazon is always trying something new. Something innovative. Something revolutionary. Just like Dr. Coops. (Remember the loom and the glow-in-the-dark fish??)

While Bezos isn’t exactly weaving sarapes (whew!), he is investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are moving into a future where robotics will play a major role and Bezos knows that. He is planting his magic beans and he knows there will be a huge beanstalk outside his window in due time.

Smart, very smart. Maybe someday Sheldon will invent something great and win his Nobel Prize too (Don’t get all pooh-pooh. The fish worked, remember?!)

Then there is the occasional Bazinga! Who doesn’t enjoy watching Cooper say that? My personal favorite was the one with the ball pit. Trust me, that one’s so hilarious it would make the Terminator laugh.

Anyway, I think Amazon’s biggest Bazinga to-date was the Whole Foods acquisition. Not only is it Amazon’s largest acquisition so far, it also sent the food industry into an absolute tizzy. There was panic and all kinds of speculations whirling about. Will this combination derail the food industry? Will it bring about the end of traditional grocers? Well, grocery is not exactly Amazon’s strong spot and the company is still working its way through its many challenges in this area. Things are not that bad as of now and there seems to be hope ahead so all is well thus far.

Another one was the new Go Store which opened last week. If you hate checkout lines, this cashier-free store is the one for you. All you need is the latest smartphone, an Amazon account and the Amazon Go app. The store takes care of the rest. They know when you are in and out and what you have taken. Makes you wonder whether this would render cashiers obsolete — a question many have already started asking.


From an Amazon Fulfillment Center (Courtesy: Amazon Inc)


Analysts predict that the next Bazinga could be the acquisition of Target by Amazon. There has been no confirmation on this but it would be one heck of a move. What with all the bankruptcies and losses, the retail industry is already screaming, “Haven’t you done enough?”This might just send them right off the cliff.  Well, nobody ever sees the Bazinga coming, do they?

Last and yes, the very least, like Sheldon, Amazon too has its haters. Why? Because both tend to impose. To take over. To lead. Perhaps not on purpose. At least not Sheldon, he hardly ever catches on other people’s emotions. (Sarcasm?)

But one can’t say the same about Bezos. He is shrewd, calculative, has good instincts and pretty much knows what’s coming and where he should be when it does come. You don’t become the richest guy on the planet without knowing a thing or two about investment, do you? Amazon is everywhere and some don’t like that. Amazon is moving into every sector and that’s scary. Will this behemoth drive small retailers and traditional grocers into extinction is yet to be seen. Will it manage to crush its competition and emerge as the sole winner? Maybe not. At least not for now. We have laws in place to make sure that doesn’t happen.

In the end, all I can say is, it is up to you whether you like Amazon or not. Just like Shelly, love him or hate him, he doesn’t care. But know this, if you are ever in his spot, he can and he will move you.


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