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Elon Musk needs to invent something to keep his own mouth shut

Elon Musk seems to have a problem with everything. Be it the American media or the Thai rescue mission, the Tesla (TSLA) CEO feels he knows best. And there is nothing wrong in that. The problem comes when you vent all that frustration on a public platform. As the famous French proverb goes “Too much scratching smarts, too much talking harms.”

Why would a billionaire entrepreneur, who is often regarded as a visionary businessman, hurl brickbats and engage in name-calling on a public platform, with the diver who was part of the Thai rescue mission? As far as fact goes, Musk had gone all the way to Tham Luang caves and had presented his rescue pods to the Thai authorities, though they arrived pretty late. The authorities appreciated the gesture and stated they would keep it for future use. The matter ended there.

Elon musk tesla ceo
Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

But suddenly, one of the chief divers calls all this a PR stunt, and all the hells break loose. Come on. Musk is probably the last person on the planet who has to resort to PR stunts to garner attention. Anyways, his ego is hurt, and he calls the diver a “pedo” in a sort of retort that even the POTUS would have refrained from. Well, Mr. Musk, criticism comes with being famous, and so not all of them requires a response – and definitely not name calling.

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In fact, if there is one thing about the SpaceX CEO that is more famous than his love for technology, that is his loathing for criticism. Musk has previously locked horns with entities that are highly critical of him and his company, from “boneheaded” analysts who ask “boring” questions, to various media houses “that disseminate fake news”. Musk badly needs to plug his habit of barraging others with complaints, especially being the head of a company that runs primarily on promises.

If Mark Zuckerberg can act like a businessman, with a little effort, so can Musk.

Instead of wasting time on stuff like flamethrowers, Musk should invent something that would help keep people’s mouth shut in unnecessary situations. And I hope, like you see in Spiderman movies, that he ends up experimenting on himself. Now that would make him a superhero, wouldn’t it?

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