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Harley Davidson is coming to you

Earlier, if you wanted a Harley Davidson bike or its branded apparel, you went to a dealer. Now it appears that the iconic company is making changes for its customers. In other words, Harley is coming to you.

On Monday, Harley-Davidson Inc. (HOG) said it would make its branded apparel and riding gear available on Amazon for customers in the US with two-day shipping for Prime members. Previously the merchandise was sold only on Harley’s website or at its dealerships. The company described this plan as part of its efforts to reach out to customers on their terms and broaden its distribution.

harley davidson to sell apparel on amazon
(Image Courtesy: Sead Dedic/Unsplash)

Harley also unveiled a long-term plan in July to roll out new models of motorcycles through 2022. This includes the launch of a few middleweight motorcycle models in 2020. The company will bring out its first electric bike next year and it is setting up a R&D facility in Northern California to support its new product portfolio.

These new models will include sports and dual-sport bikes and will be priced at a lower range. Through its strategy of offering a wider range of products at lower prices, the company hopes to appeal to young customers.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Harley is seeing growth in the sales of used motorcycles, while the sales of new motorcycles have dropped drastically. The report states that the company is moving into its fourth year of declining sales in 2018.

The gap formed by older customers reducing their purchases is not being filled by the younger generation and a major factor for this is pricing. The changes in lifestyle and a reluctance to spend a hefty amount on new motorcycles are leading many people to choose a used model.

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The new models that Harley is introducing are also expected to help increase international sales. Through these various initiatives, Harley hopes to improve its falling sales. With a product range that suits all types of customers and affordable prices, Harley is beckoning to the customer. The company’s efforts are likely to pay off because Harley is an iconic brand which will always attract users.

Going forward, we can expect a combination of these efforts to help sales pick up and boost growth for Harley. Looking at the past three months, the stock is up over 8%.

Harley-Davidson’s electric bike to hit the streets in 2019

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