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Your next iPhone might have touchless control, curved screen

According to a new report, your next iPhone could be controlled by hand gestures, a feature that would do away with the need to tap the phone’s screen. Moreover, the smartphone could also come with a curved screen.

Apple (AAPL) often takes the path less trodden to deliver technology par excellence, a trait evidenced by the popularity of its flagship iPhone. Though the brand has become synonymous with iPhone, one cannot miss the tech giant’s footprint in each of its products hitting the market.

The latest innovation comes from Apple at a time when smartphone technology is on the brink of saturation, with every logically possible feature already incorporated into the advanced handsets.

In the tech-heavy smartphone industry where innovation is the key to staying relevant, Apple has used every trick up its sleeve to keep ahead of competitors. Naturally, the company has to think out of the box to stand out in the crowd, and the best way is to experiment a concept that none has tried yet.

However, according to the report published by Bloomberg, it will take several months before the futuristic technology reaches the customers. According to the report, once the feature is added to the handset, all users have to do is to move their hands near the screen. This will go a long way in reducing the number of finger taps, thereby ensuring a comparatively clearer and haze-free display.

Meanwhile, the inwardly curved display the company is reportedly working on has given rise to speculations. The screen, which marks a departure from the conventional flat screen, is expected to redefine the iPhone experience altogether.

Once the ‘touchless’ feature is added to the handset, all users have to do is to move their hands near the screen

While the premium models of Samsung’s Galaxy already come with curved screens, Apple’s touchless technology will likely be far superior to the air gesture feature Samsung used in some of its models.

The Cupertino, California-based company, which is learned to have been testing the technology for some time, is yet to confirm the news. The flip side is that Apple might scrap the whole idea if the outcome of the ongoing research turns out to be negative.

Earlier this week, the company took a giant leap in the efforts to revamp its personal assistant Siri, by hiring John Giannandrea who conceived the Google Assistant. Apple CEO Tim Cook could not have asked for more; now he has the right person to take forward the project with all the expertise that went into the making of Google Assistant, Siri’s major rival.

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