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A decade since Lehman collapse, tracking the key executives

It’s been 10 years since the largest bankruptcy filing was made in the history of the country, by Lehman Brothers. The bankruptcy had triggered a chain reaction in the economy, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sliding 4.5% in its second biggest single-day decline and the market ultimately steeping into a meltdown.

But where are its top executive now?

Richard “Dick” Fuld

Richard Dick fuld
Dick Fuld (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Dick Fuld, who was the chief executive of Lehman Brothers when it went bust, was at the center of the crisis and dubbed “the villain.” Immediately following the bankruptcy, Fuld remained unemployed for a brief period of time.

Two years later, he reportedly sold his Manhattan apartment and $13.5 million worth of art collection. According to The Guardian, Fuld still owns a few luxury properties in the country. Currently, he heads a diversified asset management firm based out of New York.

Erin Callan

Erin Callan’s appointment at the chief financial officer of Lehman Brothers in late 2007 came as a surprise to many, as numerous executives considered her under-qualified for such a huge responsibility. She later came under fire after hedge-fund manager David Einhorn publicly criticized her for not acknowledging the improper accounting standards followed by the company. She was fired six months into the job.

Callan published her memoir Full Circle in 2016, in which she revealed that she took an overdose of sleeping pills in the aftermath of the fateful incidents. After being fired, Callan took up the post of a hedge fund advisor but did not return after taking a long leave.

Currently, she lives with her fire-fighter husband Anthony Montella at her $4-million home in New York.

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Joe Gregory

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Little has been reported of Joe Gregory except for his occasional sale of assets. Gregory, who was the chief operating officer of the financial services firm and also its biggest individual creditors, was asked to step down two months before the company went bankrupt.

Gregory, who was also a close friend and long-term associate of Fuld, came under fire for his questionable decision-making, including the appointment of Callan as the CFO. It has not been reported of him being employed again.

In the aftermath of the collapse, Gregory sold his personal helicopter, besides his residences in Lloyd Harbor and Bridgehampton.

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Herbert McDade

Though Herbert McDade was the chief of equities at Lehman, he was the one at the steering wheel during the firm’s final days. At present, he is with the Bond Market Association, where he serves as Chairman. He also has co-founded equities trading firm River Branch Capital.

Scott Freidheim

He was the chief administrative officer of Lehman during the collapse. He is presently the head of Europe for Bahrain-based Investcorp Bank BSC.


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