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Soaring monthly sales lift semiconductor industry in 2018

Worldwide semiconductor sales soared 9.8% to $37.7 billion in November 2018. However, this was 1.1% lower than the October sales, according to The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

SIA President John Neuffer said, “The global semiconductor industry continues to post solid year-to-year sales increases, and year-to-date revenue through November has surpassed annual sales from all of 2017, but growth has slowed somewhat in recent months.”

China market had the most significant growth, however, at 17%. All major markets saw a year-on-year rise in sales. “Double-digit annual growth is expected for 2018 once December’s sales are tallied, with more modest growth projected for 2019,” said Neuffer.

Americas grew 8.8%, Europe 5.8%, Japan 5.6% and other Asia Pacific 4.4% year-over-year.

This points at a robust market that might see even more growth in 2019.


While semiconductor industry’s future is somewhat secure, let’s take a look at another industry — solar panels.

Many experts tout solar energy as the most accessible power resource in the future. And China has been ahead in this race, even integrating solar adoption and panel production into its governance very early. The United States has been lagging in comparison. However, of late, solar energy has seen a rise in demand.

Of late, the solar sector has undergone two significant processes — a jump in supply and a cut in costs. But the increasing competition in the arena has rendered a steady cut in finished solar panels all over the world. This was further accelerated by emerging economies such as India and Brazil making a move to solar as part of their governance policies.

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While costs have come down, the mass adoption of the technology is at the horizon. We will soon see a surge in demand globally, as emerging countries try to meet its requirement. “During the third quarter, most shipments went to emerging markets,” said JinkoSolar in its latest earnings conference.


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